Food Processing Machinery

We offer a wide variety of packing equipment to packing materials to meet any individual requirements. From entry level to flexible and compact models to high performance fully customizable packing solutions. Our Packing equipment can handle from flexible to rigid materials with different dimensions and sizes.

– Thermoformers
– Flow packing
– Vacuum chambers
– Tray sealers


Automation system / robotics

Velec Systems offers complete production automation systems that is fully customizable to your needs focusing on end of line solutions. Solution offered from loading and unloading of certain products from specific machines all the way to packaging, boxing and palletizing your products. Our aim is to connect your whole production line to increase productivity and reduce overall operation cost in long-run.
– Loading / unloading products
– Counting system
– Conveyor system
– Robotics system
– Fully customizable
– Boxing & Palletizing

Liquid smoke application

Tarber and Red Arrow collaboration brings you the most effective and efficient liquid smoke systems that is reliable without losing its functionality. These system are to replace conventional smoking techniques that may present many production challenges.
Tarber and Red Arrow equipment aims to eliminate these challenges while providing a better and safer way to smoke. Our clean smoke technology provides a more delicious, safer and more consistent products.
Our equipment work hand in hand with any new or existing smokehouse.
– Atomizers
– Showering Systems
– Cooking chambers modification

o Smoke products

Butcher / Small kitchen

Erofoma Also offers small, quality manufacturing equipment suitable for butcher, commercial and lab applications.
Machine offered as follow:
– Bowl cutter
– Mincer / Grinder
– Mixer
– Tumbler
– Former
– Piston stuffer
– Vacuum pack
– Combi oven
– Cooking ovens

Spare parts

We offer replacement cutting sets for your equipment of all Brands. Made with quality and precision from our European partners to make sure your product quality is not effected.

  • Cutting knives
  • Hole plates
  • Knives