Food processing Machinery : Processing

1. Injector

Suhner offers a variety of injectors for different applications from meat to fish, bone-in or full muscle injection with adjustable pressure, belt speed and passage height to ensure easy handling of products with high output per hour and fine injections.

– Brine injector
– Brine mixer / pump

o Fish / meat
o Bone-in / Full muscle

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2. Tumbler

Suhner offers a variety of vacuum tumblers from standard horizontal vacuum tumblers, to tilting vacuum tumblers to mixing tumblers with or without cooling or weighting systems. Our tumbler’s have extremely long service life due to the sturdy and compact construction and is very cost efficient with easy to use control systems.

– Horizontal vacuum Tumblers
– Tilting Vacuum Tumblers
– Tilting mixing Vacuum Tumblers

o Product massage (Tenderness)
o Marinate (Wet or dry)

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3. Clipping machine

Highspeed automatic clipping machine that comes in a variety of application to fit your needs. From standalone manual clipping machine to fully automated clipping machine connected to your stuffer.

– Single clipper
– Double clipper
– Clipper connected to filler
– Horizontal clipper
– Vacuum clipper
– Clipper and Tiers
– String Tiers

o Stuffed products (Ham, Salami, bologna & etc)

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4. Smokehouse

We offer smokehouses for small artisan business up to industrial producers for maximum performance for Drying, Smoking, cooking, roasting and cooling.

Our smokehouses are fully customizable to suit your needs from manual single small batch ovens to large fully automated cooking and cooling solutions. Suitable smoke generators are also available for every type of application.

– Batch Ovens
– Continues line
– Smoke generator
– Cooling chamber

Cooking application:
– Hot smoke
– Cold smoke
– Steam cook
– Roasting
– Baking
– Climatisation
– Cooling

o Stuffed products (Sausages, Bologna, Hams, etc.)
o Meat products (Chicken, Beef, ribs, Ducks, & etc.)
o Seafood
o Bakery

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5. Former

Our company offers European quality forming and portioning machines. Our former has continued to innovate and consistently pushing boundaries on new technology development that streamlines production, improves product quality and ensures food safety without forgoing durability and reliability. Our formers has a solution that meets your capacity needs.

– Hydraulic former
– 100% electrical former

o Mince products (Patties, Nuggets and etc.)
o Full muscle products (tenders and etc.)
o 3D shaped products
o Vegetable
o Emulsified products

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6. Fryer

We offer frying solutions to fizate products’ coating and to ensure your products have an attractive, golden crispy finish and taste. Frying also contributes to food safety, product quality, taste, presentation and prolonged shelf life.

Our fryer allows you to deep or flash fry your products at consistently high standards.

– Fryer
– Oil filters
– Oil storage tanks

o All coated products (Nuggets, cheese sticks and etc.)

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7. Coating line

We supply full coating line for different applications from different dry to wet coating solutions that spread evenly, handles products gently and deliver attractive end products.

– Pre-duster
– Battering Machine / Tempura
– Bread crumb
– Spice coating
– Brine mixer

o All forms coated products (Nuggets, cheese sticks and etc.)

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